Sara Walker loved running! When diagnosed with cancer, her Belmont PT friends wanted to find a way to help; they decided to organize a fun, family-friendly 5K race. In April 2011, the first Sara Walker Run was held as an effort to help raise funds for Sara's medical expenses. Her 2003 Belmont School of PT class, with the help of Belmont School of PT faculty and STAR Physical Therapy, put in endless hours of preparation to make this first event a success. Hundreds of Sara's friends, family, and blog readers came together to offer her support and encouragement. Due to its huge success, to honor Sara, we have continued to have the annual Sara Walker Run as our main fundraising effort. All proceeds and sponsorships benefit the Sara Walker Foundation. This event is held on the campus of Lipscomb University, and encourages individuals of all fitness levels to participate.  Our event ends with a time of worship to our Father, reminding us of the hope He gives to strengthen our daily lives.

We hope you will join us in October 2nd, 2022 Lipscomb Campus for the 2022 Sara Walker Run as we savor a time of fellowship and fun with the family and friends of Sara Walker. 

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