Malawi, known as "the warm heart of Africa," boasts a population of more than 15 million. Visitors who come to this country are received with open arms and big smiles. Small villages dot the landscape where most of the citizens live as substinence farmers. Therefore, Malawi is one of the poorest nations on earth with a struggling health care system. The government run health care is understaffed, underfunded, and lacks many essential drugs and supplies. Where the average is one surgeon for every one million people, this is a region where malaria is rampant, the maternal mortality rate is the 24th highest in the world, and the HIV population remains close to 10%.

A few months prior to Sara's passing, Jenni Whitefield, a current foundation board member, was asked to go on a medical mission trip to Blessings Hospital in Malawi. She felt the Spirit calling her to serve in Africa, and God provided this opportunity for her. Jenni was a dear friend of Sara, and a highly skilled acute care nurse. During her inaugural trip to Malawi in 2012, Jenni was humbled to discover that over half of her surgical team had known Sara most of her life through the connection of Sara's home congregation in Montgomery, AL. Since that 2012 trip, some of these missionaries have joined together to establish the Chikondi Health Foundation in Montgomery, AL as a means of continued support for Blessings Hospital. Due to the many connections of Sara Walker and the Montgomery missionaries, God has allowed the Sara Walker Foundation and Chikondi Health Foundation to work together and help the people of Malawi, Africa.

God has done amazing works in Malawi through our continued involvement with Blessings Hospital. The Sara Walker Foundation was able to provide the needed funding to complete the Sara Walker Village, which houses missionaries to Blessings Hospital each year. We have provided financial assistance to allow students in Lipscomb University's School of Nursing program to go on medical mission trips, led by Jenni Whitefield, to Blessings Hospital for the last 3 years. Through God, we are able to fully fund a mobile medical unit, bringing much needed medical supplies and skilled medical care to the remote villages; setting up clinics in the planted churches of each village. This mobile medical unit is also a means of transportation to Blessings Hospital for villagers with emergent medical needs. So much good has been done for the people of Malawi, Africa! We are humbled and honored that God is using the Sara Walker Foundation to reach those that are often overlooked.

He is changing lives and we are reaching souls in Africa

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