PLEASE JOIN US IN CELEBRATING the 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this wonderful mission!!!

Recent updates at the Pearl House are as follows....

1. The Sara Walker Bridge, this bridge serves as a connector to the house and school and is especially necessary during the rainy season when a natural river flows

2. The Sara Walker Library, a much needed space for the girls to escape, read, study and reflect.

3. The Sara Walker Courtyard & Pavilion

The Pearl House is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide hope for young women in Ghana, Africa. It is a refuge where girls are loved unconditionally, educated, trained and spiritually prepared to contribute to society as skilled, Ghanian women. Twenty young women were given an opportunity to leave their dire poverty-stricken circumstances, and given a loving home and Christian education. Although many are teenagers, they began with very little education experience; many of them scoring at a kindergarten level. They attend a nearby Christian school, and are also taught valuable life skills within the home. The mission started in May 2013, when Courtney Garland sold all of her possessions and followed the Spirit's calling to move to Ghana and help raise these young women in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Courtney was Sara Walker's college roommate and very close friend until Sara's passing. At the time of its beginning in Ghana, the Sara Walker Foundation was also a new organization; it wasn't until the end of 2015 that God opened the door for us to provide support for The Pearl House. After two years of fundraising in the U.S., these 50+ young women now have a permanent place to call their home. Previously, they lived in a rental house near the plot of land where they dreamed of their future home. This dream is now a reality, and the Sara Walker Foundation was given an opportunity to provide much needed items to place inside their home.

Sara Walker loved reading and loved attending school as a child. Her brother and sister remember "playing school" in the summer months, and Sara was always the teacher. The Sara Walker Foundation wanted to honor Sara by furnishing the Sara Walker Library in the new Pearl House. The library is filled with desks, shelves, and other necessities for school. These young women now have a place to read their favorite books as well as work on their homework assignments. They are being provided a valuable education to help them leave their lives of poverty and become upstanding members of society.

It is a long term goal of the Pearl House mission to have multiple Pearl Houses in the different regions of Ghana, helping women avoid a life on the streets and give them a way to provide for their families.

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